Discover Real Talent Beyond the Resume.
No need to spend hours clicking through hundreds of profiles. Let Aglint's AI do the work for you and find the perfect match.
How it works
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Attract ideal candidates by promoting professionally crafted job ads through a dedicated microsite.
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Search through the candidate database and rank them based on qualifications, experience, and company value alignment.
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With Aglint's AI, streamline the process to identify top talent before spending any human hours, optimizing both time and cost.
People First, Paper Later.
Every candidate deserves an unbiased look, and with AI, we uncover genuine talent that goes beyond the resume, providing a holistic assessment of their potential.
Streamline candidate sourcing and screening with AI, all without leaving your ATS, saving you time and accelerating the process.
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Aglint AI
New era of recruitment
Let our AI recruitment co-pilot guide you, delving deeper than conventional methods, guaranteeing unbiased evaluations with efficiency, especially in high-demand hiring scenarios.
Experience these transformative benefits:
Empowering Your Team with Aglint AI
Discover everything you and your recruiting team need, from sourcing to hiring, all without the friction, with Aglint AI. Simplify your entire recruitment journey.
AI Pre-Screening
Leverage Aglint AI to pose job-specific screening questions and facilitate assessments and selections.
Automated Workflow
Streamline candidate sourcing, screening, and matching on autopilot without compromising your brand value.
Candidate Search
Aglint AI understands who you're looking for to find qualified talent from your candidate pool.
Build Compelling Job Ads
Create job ads with AI and customize application forms for efficient candidate sourcing.
Enhance candidate experience with dedicated support to reduce drop-off rates, and secure more hires.
Candidate Match
Gain precise insights into candidates' experiences, skills, and backgrounds, and how they align with the job role.
Team Collaboration
Collaborate effortlessly with your colleagues to ensure every hire aligns perfectly with your company's culture and values.
Integrate with your own ATS
Integrating Aglint with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a seamless and efficient process, enhancing your recruitment workflow and providing a unified hiring experience.
Aglint users complete the recruitment process 3X faster on average.
clients have found exceptional candidates through Candidate Spotlight.
Cut your recruitment time by over 300 hours using Aglint's AI screening.
Don't let hiring slow you down. Find the right fit. Much faster!
Aglint's AI conducts job and culture specific pre-screening interviews and thus simplifying complex talent acquisition processes. The result? You hire great employees.
Frequenty Asked Questions
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How does Aglint ensure unbiased evaluations during recruitment?
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How can I be sure I'll find the perfect candidate using Aglint?
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Narrow down your funnel with Skills Intelligence.
Deconstruct the resume into thousands of skills. Use complete and unbiased information to identify the best candidates.
Resume Matching
Gain Deeper Insights with AI Pre-Screening.
Save scheduling time and make data based decisions with AI screening and assessments.